Rates Current as of Friday December 09, 2016

Car loan rates kicked off the month of July moving to the downside once again. Market turmoil, spurred by the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote at the end of June, pushed the general level of interest rates much lower.  Th...(read more)
    East West Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the nation focusing on the Chinese-American community.  East West Bank is headquartered in Pasadena, California.  The bank has grown to be the region’s largest locally owned Asian bank.  East West Bank operates as a commercial bank serving both consumers and businesses in California.  The bank
    Car loan rates made a modest move higher to kick off the month of November. Based on the most recent survey of car loan rates conducted by Selectautorates.com, as of mid-November the average rate for new car loans climbed to 2.362%.  That’s an increase of just under four basis points or 0.04% from the previous
    Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) continues to offer a range of low rate auto loans with low interest rates and costs.  The low interest rates can help new borrowers buy the car or truck they want with a low monthly payment and still have money left over at the end of the month to save
    A.  When considering a new car loan it is important to evaluate more than just the monthly payment.  A car buyer should weigh all the costs of the loan and the vehicle including the car loan rate and term.  A key factor to evaluate with a new car loan that is often overlooked by many
    Low car loan rates at Valley Oak Credit Union are lingering on well into 2016.  In spite of the recent rate hike pushed through by the Federal Reserve at the end of 2015, the federally insured credit union based in Three Rivers, CA continues to offers car loan rates that are well below the national
    Sandy Spring Bank offers multiple financing options for consumers shopping for a new or used car loan.  Sandy Spring Bank presents competitive fixed rates and flexible terms on new and used auto loans for a wide assortment of models and model years. . In addition to low car loan rates, customers of the bank get local,
    Competition among car loan lenders continues to keep downward pressure on car loan rates.  While the prospects for Federal Reserve monetary changes have pushed up the vast majority of bank lending rates especially mortgage rates, car loan rates have changed very little and this past week was no exception.  There are two primary reasons for car
    BankNewport offers automobile loans to help purchase a new or used car, or to refinance a recent car loan that was first financed elsewhere.  BankNewport, was founded in 1819 and is an FDIC-insured savings bank.  The bank has twelve bank branches in the region.  Along with car loans the bank offers loans for home purchases
    When a consumer purchases a car with a loan, a bank or other financial institution pays for most or the entire vehicle up-front with the proceeds from the car loan, and the consumer or borrower agrees to pay back the money over time.  The amount of money that is borrowed from the bank is referred
    A new car is second only to a home as the most expensive purchase most consumers make.  With high costs and prices for new and used cars increasing each year, gaining a good understanding of the car loan shopping process is essential to avoid any financial miscues or lost opportunities.  The car loan shopping process,
    There are many banks and financial institutions that will provide car loans for those consumers that have bad credit.  Car loan customers that have less than perfect credit should be diligent and keep an eye on the car loan terms and car loan rates that are being offered.  Usually, these car loans or bad credit
    Before the Internet all car buying had to be done in person.  Prospective car buyers would go from one car dealership to the next looking for the right automobile for them.  However, in the process, they would have to deal with car salesmen, who didn’t necessarily have their best interest at heart when it came
    You’ve just learned that your request for an auto loan with a bank has been denied.  The loan officer explains that the decision has to do with your credit score.  The bank lends only to prime borrowers; your credit score puts you in subprime car loan territory. Subprime.  You thought this was only in the mortgage
    Consumer borrowing costs on new and used auto loans refused to move yet again this past week.  This is the second consecutive week in which in car loan rates have failed to show any measurable change in the average rate.  Even with the lack of movement on interest rates over the past two weeks, car loan
    First Entertainment Credit Union has some of the lowest car loan rates for new and used car loans in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  The credit union has rates as low as 1.69% APR for new car loans, used car loans, and auto refinances. The 1.69% APR is the preferred rate offered by First Entertainment CU