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Car loan rates kicked off the month of July moving to the downside once again. Market turmoil, spurred by the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote at the end of June, pushed the general level of interest rates much lower.  Th...(read more)
    Car loan rates dropped modestly for the week ending July 31, 2009.  The reduction in bank borrowing cost over the past few months has finally brought about a reduction to the current level of car loan rates.  Bank borrowing costs have dropped measurably as seen with the reduction in fed funds rates, savings rates and
    There are many banks and financial institutions that will provide car loans for those consumers that have bad credit.  Car loan customers that have less than perfect credit should be diligent and keep an eye on the car loan terms and car loan rates that are being offered.  Usually, these car loans or bad credit
    Auto lenders generally make car loans that have regular, fixed monthly payments.  The monthly car loan payment is comprised of a principal payment component and the interest charges. The amount of money borrowed by the car buyer is called the loan principal.  The principal component of the monthly payment is applied to the outstanding loan balance
    Fidelity Bank is one of the largest auto lenders in the Southeast region of the Unites States. The bank offers a number of different product lines for auto financing.  Fidelity has car loans for new car buyers, used car buyers, first time car buyers, and car loans that have special payment arrangements. Buyers can evaluate the
    Think Mutual Bank is a Minnesota based bank with eight bank branch locations in Minnesota.  Think Mutual Bank is a mutual savings bank.  Savings banks generally specialize in savings deposits and making home mortgage loans and personal loans but also a variety of commercial banking activities.  Think Mutual Bank offers a number of traditional bank
    Espeeco Credit Union is running a new car loan rate promotion for the month of May with exceptionally low interest rates.  The credit union is offering new auto loans with rates as low as 1.89%.  Used auto loans can be obtained with rates as low as 3.24%. The credit union offers low rates and flexible terms
    CBC Federal Credit Union is currently promoting very low car loan rates to members of the Ventura County based credit union.  Members of CBC can finance a new or used car with rates as low as 1.60% APR up to 36 months.  The used car loan rates and terms are available on model years 2007
    East West Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the nation focusing on the Chinese-American community.  East West Bank is headquartered in Pasadena, California.  The bank has grown to be the region’s largest locally owned Asian bank.  East West Bank operates as a commercial bank serving both consumers and businesses in California.  The bank
    Georgia’s Own Credit Union has an abundance of low rate car loan options and they are now promoting those rates with a limited time sweepstakes program.  The sweepstakes provides new loan applicants with the chance to get their auto loan paid in full by the credit union. New car loan borrowers simply have to take out
    Advertised low rate auto financing can often have some big restrictions or conditions.  Usually, the low rates that most dealers advertise, as well as those offered by some banks and credit unions, are for short term loans only.  For example, it is now uncommon for consumers to see dealers that offer 1.90% financing for new
    A.  When considering a new car loan it is important to evaluate more than just the monthly payment.  A car buyer should weigh all the costs of the loan and the vehicle including the car loan rate and term.  A key factor to evaluate with a new car loan that is often overlooked by many
    Auto loans that have big monthly payments and high interest rates can be a big drain on an individual’s monthly budget.  One way to cut down on this expense and save a significant amount of money is by refinancing the auto loan.  When there is a dramatic reduction in interest rates, auto loan refinancing becomes
    Car loan borrowing costs continued the trend of the second quarter and moved lower for the week ending August 19, 2011.  Consumer borrowing costs for new car loans are new record lows following this week’s interest rate reduction. A number of auto lenders have greatly improved their consumer rate quotes over the past six weeks.  Even
    Auto loan rates managed to move lower across the board over the past week according to the weekly survey of the top auto lenders performed by selectautorates.com.  Both new and used car loan rates were down modestly for the week across all loan terms or maturities.  Car loan refinance rates were lower as well according
    Low car loan rates at Valley Oak Credit Union are lingering on well into 2016.  In spite of the recent rate hike pushed through by the Federal Reserve at the end of 2015, the federally insured credit union based in Three Rivers, CA continues to offers car loan rates that are well below the national