Rates Current as of Monday September 26, 2016

Car loan rates kicked off the month of July moving to the downside once again. Market turmoil, spurred by the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote at the end of June, pushed the general level of interest rates much lower.  Th...(read more)
    Car loan rates continue to fluctuate in a fairly narrow range as lenders continue to aggressively offer low rate financing options to new car buyers.  Car loan rates, on average, have held around 2.50% for new car loans and between 2.75% and 3.00% for used car loans and auto loan refinances. With the number of delinquent
    Car advertising that promotes low rates, special features and high trade in allowances has become common.  Special car loan promotions and low interest rate car loans are familiar facets in the plethora of car loan ads that can be found in the local newspaper, online in television commercials.  These numbers and deals all sound alluring;
    Car loan rates have moving fast going into June.  Auto loan rates have at times quickly moved higher in anticipation of another interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve.  Rates then dropped lower as weaker than expected economic news spread through the markets and dashed concerns over a Fed rate increase.  Ultimately, car loan rates
    There are a number of factors that go into formulating the car loan interest rates offered by auto lenders.  Some factors influence the overall level of interest rates in the economy that in turn, affect car loans and car loan rates.  Other factors, affect the interest rates offered to individual buyers based on their credit
    Memorial Day weekend is a significant time for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces, spending time with family and friends, and… car sales.  Car sales volume and car loan volume often leaps higher during the extended Memorial Day weekend and this year shows no sign that trend will change.  Improving
    The car loan rate you receive will vary depending on a variety of factors, some factors will include your personal financial situation while others are based on current lending conditions and interest rates as well as the type of loan selected. The auto loan market is very competitive among the various banks, credit unions, and captive
    Auto loan rates have moved lower once again as we move past the half way mark in October 2015.  The downward move in auto rates matches the development in the general level of interest rates available in the market.  Interest rates had been pushed lower going into October due to weak economic data in foreign markets
    GreenvilleNational Bank is a locally operated bank in Greenville, Ohio.  Greenville National Bank provides a variety of deposit products and provides quick turn around on all loan products.  The bank’s primary lines of business are residential real estate lending and installment lending including auto financing.  Greenville National Bank offers a variety of lending products to accommodate
    CBC Federal Credit Union is currently promoting very low car loan rates to members of the Ventura County based credit union.  Members of CBC can finance a new or used car with rates as low as 1.60% APR up to 36 months.  The used car loan rates and terms are available on model years 2007
    To the start off 2016, car loan rates have been nudged slightly higher compared to where they stood during the final weeks of 2015.  Based on the current survey of auto lenders conducted by SelectAutoRates.com during the first week of January, the average rate on new and used car loans has moved up to 2.613%.
    Before anyone starts shopping for a used car they need to do some homework.  A little research can lead to saving serious money or avoiding big headaches.  Used car purchases may even involve more research than a new car, regarding both the purchase and the car loan or car finance.  Before buying a used car or
    Glenview State Bank is a locally owned and managed bank in Illinois.  The bank is headquartered in Glenview, Illinois.  Glenview State Bank has been in business since 1921 and now has over 10 bank branch locations in the region.  Glenview State Bank provides banking services to individuals and businesses.  Along with a variety of traditional bank
    AmeriCU Credit Union has a car loan promotion for members with interest rates as low as 1.29 percent.  The car loan rate promotion at AmeriCU is called, Santa Needs a New Sleigh!  Under the promotion, members can obtain a two year loans for a new or used car with a rate of 1.29 percent or
    Cornerstone Financial Credit Union, based in Nashville TN, offers competitive financing across a wide range of car loans.  The credit union offers a number of different rate options with terms that can run as long as 75 months.  The long term loan programs are available on both new and used car loans. Cornerstone Financial Credit Union
    Apple Valley Bank has three bank locations Connecticut.  The bank was founded in 2001 and is based in Cheshire, Connecticut.  Apple Valley Bank makes secured and unsecured loans, offers lines of credit and provides a variety of other banking services.  Apple Valley Bank is a community bank that still provides a person-to-person banking experience.  Bank