Rates Current as of Wednesday August 31, 2016

Car loan rates kicked off the month of July moving to the downside once again. Market turmoil, spurred by the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote at the end of June, pushed the general level of interest rates much lower.  Th...(read more)
    A disproportionate amount of car loans in the past decade have been made by captive finance companies.  The captive finance companies are the lending divisions of the large automobile manufacturers.  These finance companies include GMAC, Ford Motor Credit, Chrysler Financial, American Honda Finance, Hyundai Motor Finance Company and more.  The market is now changing and
    As March comes to a close and the spring flowers start to bloom, car loan rates continue to remain in the cold.  A rebounding stock market, an uptick in oil prices, and a glimpse of warmer weather has failed to push the costs on auto loans up. Surely.  Not bad news for new car shoppers
    Chase car loan are available for a variety of financing options including new car purchases, used car purchases and auto loan refinancing.  Chase auto loans can be obtained for purchases from a dealership as well as for as private party transactions.  The car loan interest rates are dependent upon the borrower’s credit, loan amount, transaction
    Auto loan rates have moved lower once again as we move past the half way mark in October 2015.  The downward move in auto rates matches the development in the general level of interest rates available in the market.  Interest rates had been pushed lower going into October due to weak economic data in foreign markets
    Financing a new or used car purchase is a major transaction that should never be taken lightly.  New car loan borrowers that don’t want to read through a lengthy guide on the mechanics of car loans need to consider just five key points before signing on the bottom line and driving off the lot. First, all
    BankNewport offers automobile loans to help purchase a new or used car, or to refinance a recent car loan that was first financed elsewhere.  BankNewport, was founded in 1819 and is an FDIC-insured savings bank.  The bank has twelve bank branches in the region.  Along with car loans the bank offers loans for home purchases
    Abington Bank in Pennsylvania offers a wide spectrum of personal and business banking products.  The bank is a state chartered, FDIC-insured savings bank with assets over $1 billion.  Abington Bank is a community oriented savings bank, which was originally organized in 1867 and is headquartered in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, approximately eight miles north of center city
    Cash back auto loan refinances are available through a number of auto lenders but, not all of the major auto lenders offer a cash back option.  Standard auto refinancing entails replacing an existing auto loan with a car loan that has different terms, often with a lower interest rate or a lower monthly payment.  With a
    You’ve just learned that your request for an auto loan with a bank has been denied.  The loan officer explains that the decision has to do with your credit score.  The bank lends only to prime borrowers; your credit score puts you in subprime car loan territory. Subprime.  You thought this was only in the mortgage
    Buying a car can be an expensive venture.  Auto loans are costly, car prices remain high and the cost to operate cars rarely goes down.  Even moderately priced cars ranging from $15,000 to $30,000 can add result in a monthly bill costing hundreds of dollars.  More money gets shelled out every month for insurance and
    One of the best ways to make sure the car buying and car financing process goes smoothly is be prepared.  But keeping that information in your head or at home may not be the ideal course of action.  Once the research, information gathering, and budgeting is completed, it is equally important to make sure that
    Chemung Canal Trust Company operates as a full service community bank in New York. Its personal banking services include checking accounts, savings accounts and investments, consumer loans, retirement plans, and credit cards. At the close of 2008, the bank operated 20 full service bank offices in Chemung, Broome, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Tompkins Counties; a trust
    Rates on car loans for purchases of new and used cars retreated through mid September shortly after the decision by the Federal Reserve regarding the direction of short term interest looming on the horizon.  After rising for several consecutive weeks, auto loan rates finally backed down during the most recent survey of auto lenders conducted
    Bank of the West offers a number of consumer loan products including car loans.  Bank of the West offers numerous consumer banking products and services through 700 retail bank branch locations in 19 Western and Midwestern states.  Bank of the West provides a full assortment of business, corporate, personal, trust and international banking services. Car loans
    Most all car loan borrowers know that they need to make their monthly payments on time.  Late or missed car loan payments will incur late fees and usually appear on your credit report and impact your ability to get credit in the future.  But, sometimes personal finances becomes so strained that making the car loan