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Car loan rates kicked off the month of July moving to the downside once again. Market turmoil, spurred by the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote at the end of June, pushed the general level of interest rates much lower.  Th...(read more)
    Bank of the West offers a number of consumer loan products including car loans.  Bank of the West offers numerous consumer banking products and services through 700 retail bank branch locations in 19 Western and Midwestern states.  Bank of the West provides a full assortment of business, corporate, personal, trust and international banking services. Car loans
    Most banks and auto lenders that lease vehicles charge a security deposit.  The car lease security deposit is required to protect the lessor or the lender offering the lease from losses that may occur during or at the end of the lease term.  With a security deposit, the leasing company has some financial protection should
    Auto loan rates held steady for the week ending October 29, 2010.  New car loan purchase rates, used car loan rates as well as car loan refinance rates stayed within a very narrow range for the week.  As bank cost of funds dropped throughout 2010, car loan rates have slowly followed suit.  Now that bank
    Auto lenders generally make car loans that have regular, fixed monthly payments.  The monthly car loan payment is comprised of a principal payment component and the interest charges. The amount of money borrowed by the car buyer is called the loan principal.  The principal component of the monthly payment is applied to the outstanding loan balance
    Auto loan rates remained unchanged for the week ending January 15, 2010.  The average rate for all terms on both used and new car loans were unmoved from the first week in January based on our survey of the top banks and auto lenders. Each week selectautorates.com surveys some of the nation’s largest banks and auto
    Find the best auto loan rates and terms available through Bank of the Cascades.  Bank of the Cascades offers competitive car loan rates in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho for new and used car purchases.  The bank also has car loan programs for existing borrowers that want to refinance the car loan for a better rate
    Old National Bank offers a full line of car loan products including refinances to customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois.  The bank promotes a number of low cost and low rate auto loan products with various terms.  Though Old National is a large regional bank, the auto loan department works with each borrower with
    Paying off an auto loan early will certainly provide that borrower with some measurable financial benefits but, it is unlikely to improve someone’s credit profile or credit score.  One of the most important gauges of good credit is a long term record of timely payments to creditors.  A record of on time payments throughout the term
    The down payment needed to qualify for a new car loan has certainly lost a lot of its significance in the car buying process but the need for a down payment has not gone away altogether.  In certain situations, the down payment for a car loan can have a substantial effect on the loan approval. The
    Avidia Bank has had a long history of consumer lending.  The bank is new but its foundation is the merger of two banks, Hudson Savings Bank and Westborough Bank, which were both organized in 1869.  Avidia Bank’s banking activities continue to focus on consumer lending and serving the local businesses, individuals and families in communities
    There is no good time or bad time to apply for a car loan refinance.  Car loan borrowers can refinance almost immediately after getting a new loan.  The main barrier that may be raised when a refinance is requested too early happens when the car loan is underwater or the borrower’s credit is less than
    In this economy, everyone’s looking for the best deal possible.  Haggling on price is an essential part of purchasing a new car.  Car buyers spend their time comparison shpping to get the best possible deal.  To save money on a new car purchase, however, it’s important to learn how to get great deals.  New car
    Kopernik Federal Bank based in Baltimore, Maryland and offers both personal and commercial banking services.  Kopernik Federal Bank offers a wide range of loan and savings plans to meet an assortment of individual needs. Kopernik Federal Bank markets itself as having always competitive loan rates and savings rates. As part of the lending programs offered by
    Car buyers that are self-employed will find there are a number of financing options available from banks, credit unions, and manufacturer financing divisions.  The only significant difference between a car loan borrower that is self-employed and one that is a traditional wage earner is proof of income.  Fortunately, proof of income requests from auto lenders
    Car loan rates continue to fluctuate in a fairly narrow range as lenders continue to aggressively offer low rate financing options to new car buyers.  Car loan rates, on average, have held around 2.50% for new car loans and between 2.75% and 3.00% for used car loans and auto loan refinances. With the number of delinquent